I start the treatment with reading the energy to see how it looks and to have that as a starting point when I begin. Then I balance the energy. When that is done then I will go in more specifically and go through over 100 different areas in the body. I write down all the areas that I need to focus more on, when that is done, then I will go back from the beginning and work more carefully on those areas that needs more attention and balancing, clearing and filling up with new energy.

When the treatment is finished I will send an email to the client about what has come up, what I have done, and some advice to the client.

Imbalances can manifests itself in all energy levels, physical, emotional, mental and spirital

All lot of things will happen during one treatment, but it is recommended to book two or three treatments.

A treatment  is two hours and sometimes longer. I will work until the treatment is finished.


Things to think about:

  • The treatment will continue to integrate after the treatment is finished.
  • The distance between the balancer and client has no effect on the result.
  • It is good to drink water after the treatment to help the body to clear out.
  • It is not necessary to lie down ”to receive” it will still work.
  • Sometimes the client will feel a lot after a treatment, other times the client may not feel anything at all and that is ok.

  • How much the client will feel after a treatment is not proportional to how much balancing has been done.
  • The balancing has been done even if you dont feel anything specifically, sometimes more treatments are needed to be able to sense the more subtle energies.
  • The treatment will lift up imbalances to the surface so that they can be balanced, which can lead to experience more imbalances right after a treatment.
  • Sometimes it can be imbalances from the past that the client will feel again, it can be healed on some level but there could be imbalances in the cellmemory. This is normal, and part of the balancing process.
  • It is all about creating balance again