About AnnaOnlight

There are two different areas that I focus on, and they are:

  1. Energy Balancing on a Distance for People
  2. Energy Balancing on a Distance for our Water and also sharing information and knowledge about our Water.

To give you more balance, energy and wellness, so that you can perform better and reach your goals quicker.

I am a registered Nurse but have left the nursing profession to work with vibrational medicine. I have trained with different frequncies such as color and sound . I am also educated in many different healing technicues, but now I work with energy balancing which is more advanced than just healing by itself.

I have had clients in both Australia and the USA with good results.

I value client confidentiality.

I healthy body is a body in balance and a sick body just means that some part of the body is vibrating in another frequency in relation to the rest of the body.

The Keys to the living biophysical and astrophysical universe are the living light ” Light pyramids of Life” existing withing every structure within every field of creation” – Keys of Enoch